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At RF-Lambda we strive to challenge the boundaries of technology, of what is possible. Founded in 2003, we have facilities in Carrollton TX, San Diego CA, Ottawa, Canada and Rüsselsheim, Germany, as well as a global network of distributors and representatives. At RF-Lambda we are dedicated to continuously meeting and improving quality standards of our processes and onsite production. Our Carrolton, TX & San Diego, CA locations are ISO:9000/ AS9100 certified with 25,000 ft2 combined R&D and production space, including an ISO7 10K Clean Room to meet ISO-14644-1.

As a leader of RF Broadband solutions, RF-Lambda offers a broad range of high-end RF Components, Modules, and Systems – from RF Solid State Power Amplifiers and Low Noise Amplifiers, to RF Switches, Phase Shifters, and Attenuators. With microprocessor and FPGA capacity in our RF system designs, our products are widely used for high power radar stations, phased array systems, and broadband jamming systems. Whatever your need, we can offer customized designs and support a variety of applications, including: wireless infrastructure, RF testing equipment, military defense, and aerospace.

  • Qualifications:
  • 25,000 sq. Ft R&D and Production Facility
  • ISO:9100 Qualified
  • ISO7 10k Cleanroom(ISO-14644-1)
  • 100K Production Line

  •     200GHz Capacity

  • ISO7 10K Clean Room

  •   ITAR Controlled Lab

  •    Environmental Test

While offering state of the art designs is important, we understand that repeatability and reliability are just as critical for those who depend on our products. That is why we have implemented intensive Quality Assurance procedures in our production lines and are compliant with standards like MIL-STD- 883/810/202. We believe that good quality is achieved through solid manufacturing processes and we are constantly looking to improve them through stricter standards and superior equipment.

  •         Chip on Wire

  •  Shocking & Vibration

  •     RF Probe Station

  •     Bonding Reflow

  •  Clean Room Storage

Social responsibility is a core value at RF-Lambda. That that is why we support the brave soldiers and families in our American Armed Forces through our involvement with the Sugar Bear Foundation. Each year we provide a scholarship to a student who has lost a parent in a foreign war and we are actively looking for new opportunities for outreach. If you know of cause in your community that needs attention, we encourage you to contact us and let us help be a part of bettering it.

At RF-Lambda we aim to not only build great products and build a strong industry, but to better society for years to come. We hope you'll join our RF-Lambda family in creating a strong future together.

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